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COURAGEOUSb is a brand strategy and design solution operated by me, Andy Maier. I’m a brand strategist and certified graphic designer and I collaborate with individuals and organizations looking to leverage my Fearless Brand process to create a unique and sustainable brand platform that drives business success. 

I have over twenty-five years of expertise in using design thinking to build brands for organizations with the courage to be different. 

I can help you take the fear out of the brand development process as we work collaboratively on creating an authentic and unique brand that resonates with your vision and your customers wants and needs. Let's begin!




The passion in your purpose.
Collaborative and engaging for all stakeholders, a facilitated brand discovery workshop helps your organization realize the essence of your brand as you are immersed in the who, what and why and all that makes it unique. The workshops benefits include valuable insights from differing perspectives, focused discussions on core values and principles and open dialogue that builds team alignment. Upon completion of the audit and workshop all insights, vocabulary and images are summarized and then used in the next step, crafting the BRAND DEFINITIONS.

  OPM Asian Bistro & Lounge   DEFINITION / DESIGN


A unique place in the mind. 
You’ve explored why you’re doing what you’re doing and what differentiates you from others, now those raw attributes are shaped into effective brand definitions that will align stakeholders, influence your customers and drive business strategies from the start. These efforts will ensure your story, positioning and messaging are distinctive, authentic and cohesive through all communication channels both internally and external. Your takeaway is a brand guidebook that inspires the BRAND DESIGN step and your organization's long term success. 

Before starting on any stage in the process initial work always includes: stakeholder interviews, in-depth audits of all existing brand assets, competitive reviews, customer personas and a SWOT analysis.

  Beere Timber Company   DISCOVERY / DEFINITION / DESIGN

brand DESIGN

Burning desire and loyal returns. 
Using the organization's BRAND DEFINITIONS as the touchstone, the essence of your brand shapes the creative development of all visual assets, online and offline. Design thinking strategically aligns your organization's brand language with its visual image creating a collection of communication materials that are authentic, unique and emotionally connect with your customers. It enables your organization to fuel a brand experience that exceeds customer expectations, creates returning loyalty and drives bottom line results. 

"Andy is a unique thinker in the way he approaches a project and has an amazing ability to remain neutral as he presents ideas, thoughts and questions that truly draw you out to confront and address the objectives set. His energy and process allow you and your group to dive happily and safely into a pool of innovation and creativity to see the best in who you are and create the environment to expand your thinking and your business. Get your true intent and message across; talk to Andy."
- WARREN TE BRUGGE, Principal & Founder, Manzimvula Consulting