Double Rainbow pfff - Circle Rainbow!

Remember the double rainbow footage? Here's a double rainbow AND a circle rainbow!

Tuesday October 17th 2017 on one of my many 'Dam runs' from the Cleveland Dam around the lower Capilano Fish Hatcheries I decided to veer off my usual circuit. Something I rarely do because of an obsessive need to clock my circuit but today felt different. It's been 601 days since I started running here religiously to find peace and clarity - but that's for another post. 

This Tuesday morning began as a down pour but suddenly gave way to momentary rays of sunshine as I arrived. My first sight a rainbow arching over Capilano Lake was impressive enough...the iphone quality aside.


A short while later down in the canyon I saw a rather rare sight, a circle rainbow. Well about 280 degrees of it anyway. A natural phenomenon that usually only happens from a vantage point high in the sky like a plane and at just the right angles.

Here is Phil "Bad Astronomy" Plait's explanations on the rainbow in

The dam was open and the river was raging, my first attempt at photos and video was quickly showered out.

The best footage. Here you can also clearly see the reversed colours of the double rainbow (red to blue), the Alexander's dark in between them and the noticeably brighter area inside because the drops bend light at you. 

Loved this for the snow storm like shower I was standing in as seen at the end of this footage.

Whether watching the salmon jumping upstream, the sun casting it's magic light through the towering old growth timbers ('Grandpa Capilano' is 2.5-3m wide, 61m (200ft) tall and over 500 years old) or the deep canyon walls echoing the sounds of the raging Cap River, I LOVE THIS PLACE.


And I AM THANKFUL I have the physical and mental ability to move myself through this glorious space and witness the real skyscrapers and winding roads of our city on this raw Earth.

We only have a finite time here and there's no telling when it will end...

When was the last time you went looking for that pot of gold?